13 June 2012

I'm at war with my car

My father knows cars very well. He knows how to change a flat, put air in a tire, replace brakes, and do all kinds of other things that I don't know how to do. At the same goes my ex boyfriends. And my uncle. And my cousins. They are all 1200 miles away. Unfortunately my own knowledge of cars is vastly limited to changing oil and putting gas in the car. This makes me feel very dependent on people. Yesterday a light turned on in my car, it was the "you need to put air in the tire" light. So like any responsible adult I drive to the gas station and I attempted to put air in my tire. It didn't work. I went to Bible study and I requested the help of two men who gave me suggestions on 32 pies or 32 PSI they said. I went to the gas station this morning and it didn't work. In a perfect world there would be no need to put air in tires. In the story that I'm writing right now, there are no cars thus no car accidents (of which I've been in eight) just your typical ancient world scenario. 

I'm at war with my car.

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