11 August 2012

What do men expect from Women??

Six months ago I walked into a Bible study and met my good friend Nelson. Well, everyone else calls him Nelson, but his first name reminds me of one of my favorite Tios, so I call him Francisco. Anyway, he's guest-blogging tonight about what men expect from women. . . Christian men of course, because us women aren't getting any younger and we don't need to be messing around with agnostic fools. His usual blog is http://www.fnelson.weebly.com/ Enjoy his thoughts!

What do Men expect from women? Let’s get right to the point, because we have a long list of things we expect from you women. We men expect for our food to be ready and properly cooked by the time we get to a clean home. The house smelling like fresh Fabuloso “you know the purple stuff” and the kids already in bed. We aren’t trying to deal with foolishness at home on top of the crazy day we had at work. We men will also look forward to not hearing how your day went, so don’t expect us to really pay any attention when you’re talking to us in the middle of a game. On a Sunday morning don’t expect us to get up just to go to church, we have to be right back to work on Monday, a day to ourselves is what we need…

…Women, REAL MEN expect for you to not even consider dating a fool who has those type of expectations, and that’s the only expectation we have for you women, to recognize a fool when you see one coming miles away.

Ladies, we men are dumb, it’s just that simple. We will try to fix a pluming problem knowing that we have no type of prior experience. But we do it to show you that we are the men. Regardless of how foolish it looks, the only thing we want from you is to think and say, “Babe, you look sexy in those jeans.”

What does a man really want?
We want beautiful Godly women who understand that life is not going to be perfect, that we may not be able to provide everything you once dream of having, but will still love us. We want women to understand that we will have trials and circumstances that will devastate us in our lives, but because we have Christ as the center of it all, the storm shall too pass. We want a woman who knows that we need a HERO who are kids can call Mom, because when daddy is at work and ‘lil Junior gets hurt, mommy will come to save the day.

We men look forward to having a woman of God who believes in herself, in her inner beauty, knowing that with or without makeup she is still the apple of our eye. A woman who walks with her head held high, but still powerful enough to know that she has a husband whose covering she falls under.

We want a woman who is not afraid of a step of Faith. We are a mess and many times we don’t know what we are doing, but when we clearly hear from God we want you to not question that. If He is calling us to move to some jungle in Peru to go and spread the Gospel, will you leave everything behind to go and serve God?

As I begin to close, I want the girl of my dreams to be the girl of my real life.
I want her to be just like me, by that I mean, when I move she moves, just like that! Because when God moves I move, just like that! We should always strive to be on one accord, a couple who does not move outside the will of God and if an when we do, that we will pick ourselves up, find council from our overseers, and continue to strive for excellence.

There is so much more that I can say, but finally I’ll close with this,
The ONLY thing that Men really want is for women all around to know that when a hurricane, earth-wake, tsunami, tornadoes, or a falling star shows up at the front door, that if we only believe, trust and have faith in our Lord that His PERFECT Love will keep us united, praying all day and all night together, hearing only the advice of those who we TRUST in our lives as leaders and that which comes from God. I can guarantee you that upon the entrance of My house, there will be one verse that will always stand FIRM AND STRONG, “Joshua 24:15” Amen.

Ps: I do like the fabuloso smell…
“A simple guy living a BOLD life for Christ” –Francisco Nelson

02 August 2012

Thoughts on a train

I believe love exists, but I've never found it. 
I believe I have a homeland, but
I've never seen it. 
There are a thousand reasons to be
sad and miserable, and just one to be happy:
I made it through the night. I do not know what war my protecting angels had while I was sleeping, but another day has come and I find myself alive. 

Estoy Vivo.