23 June 2009

Day of Babyfingers

So I am living with my Uncle, Aunt, their baby, my maternal Grandfather and maternal Grandmother for the summer (not the ones from the last blog entry). All in one house. I am working as the Art Instructor at a school Monday thru Thursday. I am enjoying it a lot. I'm actually surprised.

Most of all, there is my baby cousin. She is 1 year and one month and I wish I had a recent photo to put up but I don't.

Anyway so tonight at dinner she pinched me! Hard! Her little baby fingers are so sharp and she gives the teeny-est, tiny-est pinches that hurt super bad.

And did I mention her baby kisses? She gives these weird open mouthed kisses that are more like being licked by a puppy than really getting a little kiss. It will be a cute embarrassing story for her future first boyfriend-when she's 30.

In other news, I am only 30 pages away from completing my mystery novel. Let's all raise a cheer! It's weird though. I'm kind of scared that when I give the 2nd half of the revised copy the small publisher won't think its good. And if he does, and we work to get it published, what if I can't write another good story? This novel was fun to write, but it was hard work too. And what's more is that the next novel I want to write is a historical mystery. I've been wanting to write one for a while but it just won't work out right. Tell me, dear reader, do you ever wonder what it's like to see your goal only footsteps away? Do you hesitate or do you bull rush it?

16 June 2009

29200 Days and writing well

5 Things I’ve learned from my 80-year-old grandmother:

1.Pray for your husband, even if you don’t have one yet. This woman has been praying that I marry well since I was 15.
2.Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. She wears the simplest of jewelry but its always something pretty. Plus she's the one that started me on my jewlery box collection.
3.Any time’s a good time to travel. She's gone more places since retiring than most people have in their entire lives.
4.Take each day one at a time, just like the stairs. She may not like being alive or going up flights of stairs, but she certainly doesn't worry about tomorrow.
5.Computers are conquerable, no matter how many wires or buttons they may have! She is 80 and she e-mails. Who does that? And I complain that I can don't footnotes right, shame on me!
*she's the one standing in the picture.

10 June 2009

Day of Writer's Block

So last week I sprained my ankle.

It looks like a lame fall right? I mean guys keep on asking me if it was a sports injury and I have to reply, "No, no I'm just short and lame and I fell down 4 stairs when trying to close a window." Meanwhile I wish I could be saying "Yes it was a sports injury, I was training for the next summer Olympics where I will be running the 100 yard dash.

During this time I have written 2 pages in my work-in-progress and I have gotten 2 e-mails from the publisher I am working with asking me for the revised copy of my mystery novel. I'm hyperventilating.

The good news is that I did not have to go into jury duty with my sprained ankle. The bad news is that I did not have to go into jury duty.

My doctor told me no running for a week or two AT LEAST. He stressed that last bit. Now of course you know what I wish I were doing right now? Running.

I need to get back to writing.