26 December 2011

Books and Christmas and more

So while my Dad was at home reading mt first novel, I spent my first Christmas away from home. I was with my boyfriend of 1 yr's family. I suppose I don't have to tell you how different that was for me, how foreign some things seemed (really I was the foreign one). I gave 2 books to my boyfriends darling elderly aunts, and I signed it for them. This was a new experience for me. I took out the Mont Blanc pen my father had given me and signed my greeting and my name. The whole time my eyes were on the pen.

For me it represents my father's faith in my abilities, however meager they are. He has always believed in me and that has made all the difference.

Lately I have been having odd dreams, about heroes and masculinity and femininity and babies and things of that nature. I think last night I dreamed of a forest, although I vaguely remember it. My boyfriend tells me he had some kind of vivid dream abut gladiators or something. He normally either doesn't dream or doesn't tell me his dreams. In general he can be a very reserved person even as he is quite friendly and personable. Its an intriguing contrast.

Last night we were watching The Princess Bride. I remembered why Westley was always my favorite character. I think that is slightly related to my dreams lately of heroes.

Anyway... I have been reading lately about the sons of Noah. It is a fascinating time in history. I love the way the author of "The Heavens Before" wrote the story of Shem, father of the Semites. The one thing that is difficult is the pronunciation of the characters names. I read one part about the prophecy of the serpent biting the woman's heel and her offspring crushing the serpent's head, and it gave me chills. The author's depiction of Shem is stunning, much like Westley in "The Princess Bride." Its like John Eldridge states in "Wild at Heart" and "Epic," we all long for adventures for heroes, and for a cause...

But anyway, "Before the Heavens" is a wonderful novel and you ought to read it if you are so inclined. After this I will be reading "Sons of Encouragement" by Francine Rivers and Paul's Epistle to the Romans with the young adults at my church. And of course, many loved ones will be reading my first novel this month.

19 December 2011


So since I havent written in this blog since before I moved out, back when all of the family sadness was going on, I doubt if any readers are still subscribed.

If you are though, check this out! My book (the one I has such a time with and commented about on this blog) is written!!!

it is available at the Christian Book distributers, at Barnes and Noble and at Wine Press Publisher's website!!!!