09 June 2012

ExaminIng roots?

So in my current work-in-progress, I'm examining the role adoption plays in shaping who a child is. Of course, I didn't realize at the time that this is what I was doing. I thought I was writing a funny little story about a fisherman's son. Growing up, my family always took in children. From 1992-2010 we helped over 20 children in crisis. I was mostly the errand runner, the grocery shopper, the story reader, generally everyone's older sister (read: unsollicited advice giver) but somehow that helped. Somehow these things creeped into my story. Does your upbringing ever creep into your writing? Isn't it amazing how aspects of our upbringing are always carried with us? I want to be involved in Millstone, & DJJ, children's ministry & disciplship in the fall because they are areas where my spirit says "here go." I can't explain the feeliing you get when you see clearly what it is your supposed to do. It's peace & stillness. I've been having intense dreams lately too, which have been enlightening. While I don't think every dream is spiritual, I definnately think that some are. WHAT I'M PRAYING ABOUT: 1. Certain former foster-siblings 2. Ministry opportunities 3. My future roommates 4. My desires and hopes for the future (which are mine & which are from God?) WHAT I'M LISTENING TO: 1. Alex Campos "Lenguaje de Amor" 2. Andrea Bochelli "Amor" WHAT I'M READING: 1. "Havah: the Story of Eve" by Tosca Lee 2. Psalms (Holy Bible NLT) 3. "The Weird Sisters" by Eleanor Brown

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