29 February 2012

The Marines are reading my novel

I got an email that some Marines are enjoying my novel. So while Marines are enjoying my first novel I'm working on a the sequel and a couple of non-related novels about Latinos. When I was at the local bookstore ayer I realized that most of the novels about/targeted for Latinos are about kids in gangs or girls slutting it up in _______ (Inser major city here). I was totally disapointed. What I'd like to see is fiction along the lines of Meloday Carlson written for Latino teenagers. My former boss thinks that the problem is that Latinos don't read. I think the real problem is that there isn't diversity of Latinos within the stories written for Latinos. I know a lot of my former clients got sick of reading about marinalized people and immigrant stories. They wanted to read stories about interesting, diverse, successful Latinos. So we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

if you know your enemies (or in this case your market) and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles --Sun Tzu