14 July 2012

Lot's Lot In Life

Ever know someone who seems to do everything right? I've been reading about Abraham & Sarah recently, and I've been stuck on Lot for about four days now. He was Abraham's nephew by way of Abraham's brother Haran. Both his father and his grandfather died, so he ended up traveling with Abraham. I wonder if he ever thought about staying with his other uncle, Nahor? Was Abraham more wealthy than Nahor, or did Lot get along better with Abraham than with Nahor? 

I guess it doesn't matter since history tells us that Lot left Ur and all that and journeyed south with Abraham. 

If I skip ahead in Lots life, to wen he has separated from his family and is off living in the Jordan Valley city-states of Sodom & Gomorrah, I noticed a couple of thing which mattered a lot to me:

1.) Abraham interceded for Lot's city.
2.) God was open to haggling over saving the city (see Ezekiel 18:32) 
3.) Lot, a man of dubious righteousness, does something interesting:

When Lot and his family are leaving the valley, the Lord says to run into the mountains, and there they will be saved, Lot begs that the Lord spare a little town called "Zoar." The Lord agrees and this town, alone in all the valley was spared.

The scriptures say that Lot was scared of the people and so that is why he left & went to the cave. But why? The Lord had told him he could stay in Zoar. And if the Lord was on his side, then the Lord would have provided for Lot. Why the fear? 

Anyway, that's what I was thinking over this week. No big revelation, just lots of little questions.

Speaking of questions, at Calvary Chapel on Wednesday a former Agnostic spoke at church. He reminded us that our prayers do matter, and he discussed Faith. I loved the sermon and now I think I'd like hear more. This, together with the reading I was meditating on this week reminded me how it is important to pray for the unbelievers.

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