17 May 2009

Day of Sopping Wet Rain Race

It rained for all of ten minutes about two hours ago and my sister and I were right in the middle of it. We ran all the way from our front door to the truck, and boy were we soaked. Then we went to 7-11 and became even soaked-er. By the time we reached the house and our room we were a sopping mess.

Which reminded me of Jane Austen's book Sense and Sensibility. The part where the girl played by Kate Winslet (and her eyebrows) gets caught in the rain and has to stay at the eligible bachelor's house? Ok, so I didn't read this book, but I do own the movie.

In fact I hate Pride and Predjudice. I never read Persuasion, Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park. I did read Emma though. I love that book, the BBC verson AND the 1995 movie "Clueless."

Anyway, I just wanted to post and update saying I'm glad to be in the house reading "A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love & Faith" by Lori Smith. I'm thinking of my summer plans. I'm so excited to be doing something different.

And don't worry, I do plan to write while I'm in NJ.

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Russ Hinds said...

HI MandyMaria,
I ran across some of your comments on a Christian editorial/comment/forum site. "Where are the Christian men?" I ask the same questions and I'm a guy! LOL Anyway, I am happy to see a young lady getting her eyes to see and ears to hear.

Not much of a computer whiz, blogger, etc. but check out the book I wrote for fathers. Still need a publisher, though.