25 March 2009

Day of starting over

Just a mini-post here. I don't really have the strength for a full on post. A lot has been going on in my life recently.

My next writing group meeting is April 23rd at 7 and if not then May 2nd. I am going to Borders tomorrow and hope to find comfort with the company of my sister and my friends.

I saw "Last House on the Left" late last night and I thought it was a good example of characterization.

In my opinion, good writing creates a world for the reader. A place of escape from the world. Jane Austen does a good job of this in all of her novels. My younger sister and I began reading "Sense and Sensibility" and we love it. Can I leave you with a quote?

"He was not an ill-desposed young man, unles to be rather cold-hearted and rather selfish is to be ill-desposed: but he was, in general, respected, for he conducted himself with propriety in the discharge of his ordinary duties." (p2 chapter1)

This is an excellent and witty example of describing a character. I only hope I may one day write as well.

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